Hygiene & maintenance

Hygiene is important in a company, for the visitors as well as for the employees. Here you'll find everything you need concerning hygiene and maintenance.

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In order to see more products, we propose you to visit also, the following assortments : Hygiene face and body, Surfaces & sanitary, Laundry & dishes, Wiping, Cleaning products, Waste collection , Sanitary equipment, Carpets or Cleaning and household appliances.

We offer an elaborated assortment of products for personal hygiene, such as toilet paper, soap and cleaning spools.

Also for the maintenance of your material and surfaces we have a lot to offer: take a look at laundry and dishes, surfaces and cleaning products to find everything from washing products to brooms.

Also carpets to avoid dirty floors and garbage bin for waste collection contribute to a clean environment.

You can see: with our assortment you can maintain the whole company!