Office automation material

Office automation material, that are tools that simplify the daily work at the office. Take a look at our elaborate gamma and make sure the work in your company also goes more fluently.

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A good calculator is an important tool in all companies. Whether you need a simple pocket calculator or an accounting model, at Bruneau you'll certainly find what you're looking for.

Another indispensable machine is the shredder. Do you wish to destroy an important page only once in a while, or do you need a machine that can work constantly? Explore our assortment, you'll find a model that requires your needs for sure.

A lot of applications need batteries. We offer the classic flashlight batteries as well as the less common models. You should consider the environmental friendly, durable rechargeable batteries.

Finally, take a look at our faxes. Out of date, you see? Nothing is less true. A lot of companies and independents still use it. Make sure you also stay available per fax.