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How to set up a break room?

A zone of conviviality and relaxation, the relaxation room is a place where sometimes emerge great ideas and a real team spirit.
By sharing a coffee, a meal or a game of foosball, you recharge the batteries and boost your productivity.
How to set up a break room?

What says the law ?

According to the Labor Act of March 16, 1971, the following applies:
for each work performance, at least a break of 15 minutes must be granted after 6 hours of performance.
So what to do during these precious 15 minutes? If you stay at your workstation, you don't relieve your muscles and you don't shift your thoughts. So stretch your legs and head to the relaxation area :-)

More than only a break room

The ideal place for heated debates, innovative ideas, giggles, extensive meals,... The relaxation area is not just the place to take a break. But also...

A place to blow off steam: one gets rid of stress, one resolves conflicts, one takes a step back and one puts things into perspective... A room to share: one celebrates small victories, one hears news about newborns, one talks about the weekend, one exchanges nice plans or advice... A workplace: yes, the coffee break between colleagues is often the ideal opportunity to think about problems in a calm and relaxed way...What often results in the solution! A corner for coffee and snacks: there is nothing better than a hot beverage and a small snack to boost your energy again. A source of information: "have you seen the latest works council promo?", "have you met that customer yet?"... The relaxation room is often the place where the latest news about the company circulates.

The configuration and the equipment of a break room

Haven't you one yet ? Does the one from your company need a new look? We have sampled some useful tips to set up a practical and sympathetic break room. How many square meters do you need to provide? How to arrange the furniture? How many people can stay in it? We tell you everything!

The place: the relaxation area must be located within a radius of 100 m from the work area and less than 30 m from the toilets. Ideally, this space enjoys natural light. The reception capacity: the space must be able to receive approximately 10% of the employees (max 20 people). If there are more than 200 employees, you must provide several rooms :-) Specific configuration: install definitely a vending machine for hot and cold beverages, and a water fountain. There need to be two different zones: a bustling zone around the drinking machines and a quiet zone with chairs. Chairs: choose comfortable couches, armchairs and sofas and put them around low tables (for 5% of the employees) and combine them with high stools for discussing around high tables (for 5% of the employees). Canteen: do a survey. If at least 25 employees want to stay for dinner in the office, you need to provide the room with a fridge, a microwave oven and a water fountain. Displays: think of installing panels and mobile displays for diffusing internal information. You can even choose for television screens. Games: group activities are an ideal form of relaxation during a break: darts, billiards, table football... And these objects not only provide relaxation, but also a characterful appearance.
Break room, recreation room, cafeteria, relaxation room... Whatever you call this place, the most important thing is to make it a user-friendly space, where you can recharge your batteries with pleasure.